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Day Services

73 Main Street, Torrance, Glasgow, G64 4EN
Tel:01360 622 666

Respite House

Ashleigh Cottage, Main Street, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, FK8 3TL

Staff Training

We offer a full range of staff training to ensure we are as prepared as possible for any and every situation. We under go constant training and assesments to provide the highest level of care and support possible. 

1. Staff Induction to Service (Over a four week period)

  • Orems Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Hand Book
  • Relevant recordings and paperwork
  • Employee Safety Hand Book
  • SSSC Codes of practice
  • Induction to Day Servicers
  • Induction To Respite
  • Induction To Care Tasks
  • Care Plans/Risk assessments
  • Guidelines to handling medication
  • Emergency protocols
  • Guidelines to Behavioural Management
  • Shadow Training with Service Users (Three weeks)

2. Yearly Staff Training or As Required

  • Autism Overview Training – 1 full day
  • Behavioural Management Techniques RPI Training – Theory – 1 full day
  • Behavioural Management Techniques RPI Training Physical Training – 1 full day
  • Behavioural Management Techniques Instructors Programme –( Price Training) Yearly refresher
  • Epilepsy Refresher Training – ½ day
  • Tell Someone Training 1 full day
  • CookSafe Programme – ¼ day
  • First Aid – Emergency First Aid -1 full day
  • Elementary Food Hygiene – 1 full day –( Tell Training)-Yearly refresher
  • SVQ 3 - 9mths to 12mths – (Tell Training)- As Required
  • SVQ 4 – 9mths to 12mths – (Tell Training)- As Required
  • Autism Awareness – 1 full day – (The Arc)
  • Advanced Autism Awareness- 8 full days (The Arc) As Required
  • Fire Warden Training – 1 full day – (Safe Tee Training) Yearly refresher
  • Fire Extinguisher Training – ¼ Day (Safe Tee Training) Yearly refresher
  • Epilepsy Training – ¼ day (NHS Epilepsy Trainer's Network)
  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)- As Required
  • Rebound Therapy (Scottish Learning Disabilities Physiotherapy Services) As Required

3. As Required/Managerial Training

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Autism – (Strathclyde University) As required
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Autism - (Strathclyde University) As required
  • SVQ 4 Leadership and Management in Care
  • Handling Discipline/Grievance (Peninsula Business Services)
  • Managing Health & Safety (Stirling Enterprise)

This list is by no means exhaustive and any other training identified by service users' needs will be sourced.

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