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Day Services

73 Main Street, Torrance, Glasgow, G64 4EN
Tel:01360 622 666

Respite House

Ashleigh Cottage, Main Street, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, FK8 3TL

Adult Care Services

Orems Care Services Ltd is a small care organisation offering support at home, day opportunities, short breaks, respite and crisis intervention. These services can be purchased by Local Authorities, individuals or carers.

Orems Care Services are tailored specifically for the individuals needs

It is important that carers and individuals are clear as to what social-care services offer especially when using Self Directed Support model. We adhere to The National Care Standards 

Orems Care Services (OCS) support people with learning disability and those on the autistic spectrum who present with challenging behaviours. This support is provided on either 1:1 or 2:1 basis.

Support NetworkOCS have developed an expertise in supporting individuals who may present with an enduring challenge to generic services. OCS ensures that their staff receives core training in all health and safety aspects of care; additional training in

SVQ 3 and specialist training in Autism. Therefore by combining practical skills with professional learning we aim to provide a sound and realistic model of support.

OCS aim to suit the individual and their circumstances. We aim to be flexible to meet the needs of the individual and their family. This is developed through the daily support we provide. In addition we make available an out of hours on-call. This provides advice and hands on support as required. It is the aim of OCS for people with disabilities to live as independently as possible and to be visible within their community.

Supported Living

Orems Care Services staff will support the individual in their own tenancy or within the family home. This is to enable the individual to live within the family home if this is the preferred choice; or to live independently with support tailored to their needs. The hours of support will be dictated by the individual and their families.

Day Opportunities

This is led by the individual's needs, wants, desires and ambitions. These can range from daily living and social skills to maximising the person's potential i.e. completing educational syllabus or entering employment. Autism is a spectrum disorder, outcomes will vary widely.

Orems Care Services Team will facilitate the opportunity for the individual to access other professionals. We actively encourage collaborative working and the participation of all individuals, carers and professionals.

While Orems Care Services promotes independence and the ecological value of public transport, we recognise that this is not always possible for everyone at all times. We therefore also provide our own transport which allows greater flexibly to support the individual.

Short Breaks / Respite Service / Crisis

OCS provides a respite facility/short breaks to those who access our day services. This option is also open to those who simply wish to use the respite service. The service is available as and when individuals or families require it. This facility can be accessed for any period from one night upwards.

Crisis Intervention

Families and main carers are the foundation of successful support for each vulnerable adult. However, at times families do reach breaking point and a crisis emerges. At these times Orems will cooperate with all concerned parties to provide the individual with a place of safety. This enables a breathing space to develop, helping to prevent potential family break-up, thereby allowing for future planning.

For further information on how we can help, contact Orems Care Services